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Choose a cheap web hosting

 - by Hector

Windows or linux?

Windows hosting providers need to pay a large licensing fees to Microsoft, so the price is expensive. If you are not using asp or . Net program or other program must to run in windows, it is recommended not to select the Windows hosting. linux and unix hosting is a good choice, their prices are very cheap, also very dominant performance .

Type of hosting

If your website consume fewer resources, such as under 3k ip every day. you can choose Share Hosting (or called web Hosting). Shared hosting is divided the hard disk into several regions to sell, set up multiple sites on a server, all the sites shared CPU, memory, bandwidth and other resources. Shared hosting only allows One person to use, divide space to sell others is prohibited, but the price is the cheapest.

Why Chinese Web site to choose the foreign web hosting

 - by Hector

Creating a web presence is an essential consideration in the modern world. Without a viable presence in the online environment, you are cutting yourself out of invaluable revenue streams. With China’s Internet censorship increasingly stringent, more and more webmaster want to get a foreign web hosting .

More hosting providers reduce the price of their hosts, many are under 5 dollars. In order to get the trust of users, Some of them promise 90-Day FULL Money Back Guarantee.

How to sell products to foreigners in China online

 - by Hector

If you’ve been thinking about opening an online store, you’re definitely onto something. Industry experts are projecting ecommerce revenue to grow a whopping 12% compared to last year. Better yet, things aren’t expected to slow down anytime soon. By 2014, US ecommerce sales are projected to increase another 66%, reaching an astounding $223.9 billion. Chinese products are cheap, and sell them overseas will have great profits.

Before starting the online business of your dreams, take a look at the following things you’ll need to know before launch. Keep in mind that you won’t need to do everything all at once, but in order to succeed online, you should definitely think about how to fit them into your strategy.

1. Figure out what to sell online

Whatever the case, the first step in successfully selling online is to decide what you’ll be offering for sale.

2.Decide which ecommerce solution is best

Social Radio Network

 - by Hector

1.About social radio network

social networking represents a large opportunity for terrestrial radio stations to gain relevance and currency online. Someone suggests two ways in which social networking could enhance traditional radio:

  • Enable people to connect with others and show that they belong to a certain tribe represented by the music and bands they follow.
  • Help listeners discover new music (a function where music-based social networks, such as Last.fm, have shown the way).

2. BlogTalkRadio —A examples

BlogTalkRadio is the social Internet Radio network that allows users to connect quickly and directly with their audience. Using an ordinary

Innovative Computer

 - by Hector

Innovative computer solutions’ Products include mini and ruggedized form factors, all-in-one PC’s, touchscreen interfaces, email archival and network security appliances. they are engineered specifically for healthcare, education, industrial, military and commercial applications not served by traditional PCs. There are some examples as follows.

Medical Computer

Medical facility equipped with a large number of medical and computer, according to different functions, there are many different types of medical computer . Sucn as Medical PC, Medical Grade PC, Medical Computer,Medical Grade Computer,Hospital PC, Hospital Computers, Computers Hospital, Medical IT, Computer EN60601-1, Operating Room Computer, Computer Operating Room, Intensive Care Computer, Computer Intensive Care, Operating Theater Computer, Computer Operating Theater, PACS Computer, Electronic Patient Record Computer, Computer Electronic Patient Record, Radiology Computer and Computer Radiology

Competition of foreign Web hosting providers in China

 - by Hector

With China’s Internet censorship increasingly stringent, more and more webmaster want to get a foreign web hosting . And Foreign host providers also recognize the Chinese market will be huge profits, so they take a lot of measures to increase China’s customers.

1.Low price

More hosting providers reduce the price of their hosts, many are under 5 dollars.In order to get the trust of users, most of them promise 30-Day FULL Money Back Guarantee, Some even promise 90-Day FULL Money Back Guarantee.

2. Increased the features of web hosting

web hosting features is more and more powerful, and some of them Provide unlimited web hosting ,for example , some web hosting have Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Websites, Unlimited MYSQL Databases and so on. And control panel is easy to use , some control panel have Chinese version. It is very convenient for Chinese users. After all, many people in china can not read English easily.

3. Method of payment

In china, Not many people have international credit cards, so it is difficult for them to pay. Many of foreign web hosting providers allow users paid by paypal ( A international Payment instrument). Consider most of Chinese use alipay as their payment instrument , A small number of web hosting providers allow users use alipay.

A good website help you to choose a suitable web hosting

 - by Hector

web hosting
I have post some posts to introduce how to choose a best suitable web hosting. But it will take much time to choose if you do as what I have advised. Until today I find a very convenience website which can help us to choose a web hosting quickly. There are some examples as follows.

To find a reliable web hosting

The WebHostingRating Awards and Certifications are given to the best web hosts in the industry, who have proven themselves by delivering exceptional service to their customers. The website publish the best web hosting awards every years. So we can choose a web hosting providers with a WebHosting Awards, we do so because it is reliable. For examples , we can choose a cheap web hosting refer to the best budget(cheap) hosting.

A New Search Engine

 - by Hector


All we know how important a search engine is when publishing a post. It was just amazing to see some videos on TheInternetTimeMachine.com. It is kind of a new search engine, like Google. NowRelevant.com links to the “The Internet Time Machine” which will allow you to see every web link about a certain topic and it goes back all the way to fourteen days.

About NowRelevant

NowRelevant.com is the link to The Internet Time Machine’s backend search engine that give you every written word about a subject for the past 14 days. Search Engines are hence able to run PPC engines on top of their search interfaces, NowRelevant.com allows users of its PPC campaigns to access the wealth of its resources dating back chronologically to exactly 14 days from the time of their search. Users of NowRelevant.com’s search facilities will be able to retrieve a specific subset of information dating back on 14 days, allowing them to immediately benefit from the most up to date and recently mentioned information.